First load swirlify:


Your swirl course will be created in your current working directory. Launch the swirl course authoring shiny app:

swirlify("My First Lesson", "My New Course")

You can then start writing the first lesson in your course. The “Help” tab in the app has a description of different question types that you can add to your lesson. Make sure to save your lesson often! When you have a few questions written you should try your lesson out with the “Demo Lesson” button. Once you’ve finished a lesson, save the lesson and exit the app.

Now that you;ve got a lesson finished you should add it to the course MANIFEST:


To start a new lesson in this course, use the shiny authoring app again:

swirlify("My Second Lesson", "My New Course")

Iterate through this process until you’ve written a few lessons for your course. When you’re ready to share your course you can post it on GitHub or share it as a single file. For more information on how to share your course you should consult our guide to sharing your swirl course.